Aug. 8, 2017

ShelterPoint's New York Paid Family Leave

ShelterPoint PFL

August 8, 2017  – Effective January 1, 2018, Paid Family Leave (PFL) becomes a mandatory benefit in New York and will be implemented as a rider to our Policyholder’s statutory short-term disability (DBL) policy – unless they self-fund or are exempt.  Rest assured, all ShelterPoint policyholders with DBL contracts that are required to include PFL will automatically receive a PFL rider.  We will be mailing the PFL riders to ...

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Jul. 17, 2017

PFL Hot Topic: Exempt Employers, Excluded Employees, and Voluntary Coverage

PFL Teacher

July 17, 2017  – Since Paid Family Leave (PFL) is added to the DBL policy (statutory short-term disability) as a rider, it applies to any entity currently considered a “Covered Employer ” under DBL (typically private sector organizations with at least 1 employee who works in NY for at least 30 days in a year). On the flipside, the same exemptions and exclusions apply as...

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