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Corporate Privacy Policy

Privacy at ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company

This notice explains the Privacy Policy of the ShelterPoint family of companies, which consists of ShelterPoint Life, a NY-domiciled carrier, and ShelterPoint Insurance, a FL-domiciled carrier (collectively, "ShelterPoint"). Maintaining policyholder privacy is a top priority for us at ShelterPoint. We care about the privacy of our policyholders and their employees. It is our company policy NOT to disclose or release any information about policyholders or insureds without express authorization.

We limit the collection and use of information to that required to provide quality service to our policyholders. Our privacy policy is sent to policyholders once annually in plain English. We apply the same privacy policies to former policyholders as to current policyholders.

Policyholders and claimants may access personal information (except when access is prohibited by law) by contacting:


Phone: (800) 365-4999 Email: customerservice@shelterpoint.com

We keep all policyholder files complete, up to date, and accurate. Policyholders may notify us of errors or changes by contacting Policy Services. We may amend our privacy policy and/or our notice as necessary.

Our Policies and Practices to project your Personal Information

I. Information Security

ShelterPoint protects information we collect from policyholders by maintaining safeguards that meet the requirements of applicable law. ShelterPoint holds all information collected from policyholders and their employees in strict confidence. ShelterPoint employees DO NOT release any information about any policyholder or insured without an authorization signed by the insured and approved by a manager.

II. Personal Information We Collect

ShelterPoint collects information in connection with processing applications, administering policies and processing claims. Where permitted by law, we collect information from licensed insurance brokers and agents in connection with the sale of our products. It is ShelterPoint policy NOT to release any information without a signed authorization from you.

III. Your Ability to Opt In to Disclosure

You may request that we disclose information about you, your company or your employees. This means you must ask us (opt in) to disclose information to doctors, medical providers or other individuals or companies. We WILL NOT share any information with doctors or other individuals or companies without a signed authorization, unless required to do so by law or court order.

IV. How to Opt In to Information Disclosure

If you would like us to release information to anyone who requests it without a signed authorization, please complete the form below and mail it to the administrative office of the ShelterPoint company that issued your policy:

ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company or ShelterPoint Insurance Company
1225 Franklin Avenue, Ste. 475
Garden City, New York 11530
Attention: Privacy Compliance




By completing the information requested below, I hereby provide notice of my election to opt in to disclosure of my personal information to any individuals, company or organization requesting it.

Name :
Address :
Telephone # (optional) :
Social Security # :
Policy Number(s) :
Issuing Company :   ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company        ShelterPoint Insurance Company

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