Jun. 8, 2017

PFL Versus DBL

pfl v dbl
June 8, 2017, updated June 26, 2018 – Today we’re taking  a closer look at another benefit extended to most employees in New York State: Statutory short-term disability (commonly referred to as DBL, short for Disability Benefits Law).  This benefit is important to understand and look at in conjunction with the Paid Family Leave benefit, since NY PFL is typically provided in the form of a rider (i.e., add-on coverage) to DBL. We’ll highlight some of the essential features, commonalities, and differences between . . .

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Mar. 10, 2017

PFL Hot Topic - Early Payroll Deductions for Paid Family Leave

employer group
March 10, 2017 – Is it true that the draft regulations let employers deduct contributions for Paid Family Leave (PFL) early? And how soon before 01/01/18 can they start?

Yes, if they choose to. Administration around Paid Family Leave may become a reality for businesses much sooner than the official 01/01/18 launch date. Here’s what the draft regulations state:


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