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May. 12, 2017

NY PFL for Mother's Day

PFL Mother's Day
May 12, 2017 –  ​This time next year, moms in New York could find themselves in a very different position.  As we look forward to groundbreaking Paid Family Leave (PFL) legislation, it’s hard not to think about moms, the evolution of modern motherhood, and how...

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May. 10, 2017

The Benefits of Bonding

PFL Bonding

May 10, 2017 –  Parental bonding is one of the most important predictors of a child’s eventual health and well being. Those earliest moments with Mom and Dad set the stage for a lifetime of thriving, or not. By helping provide more bonding time with fewer worries (like finances and job security), PFL can help more parents and...

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Apr. 4, 2017

PFL in Person: A Mom-to-be Anticipates a New Take on Maternity Leave

PFL Mom Becky
April 04, 2017 –  Paid Family Leave will impact families of all shapes and sizes, bringing relief to mothers, fathers, and caregivers struggling to balance the challenges of working and being there when family needs you. 

We’re looking at the impact of PFL as part of our “PFL in Person” series on the personal side of PFL, starting with the benefit perspective of a mom expecting this...


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