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A Journey Through Paid Family Leave: Part 8

Returning to Work

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PFL Journey

When you’ve been out for 14 weeks to recover from giving birth and to bond with a new baby, returning to work can feel a bit like “culture shock.”  In this installment of Stephanie’s journey through PFL, she returns to work after being out for 14 weeks....

A Journey Through Paid Family Leave: Part 7

The HR Perspective

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PFL Journey

When an employee takes PFL leave, human resources departments play a significant role in ensuring that the employee's absence goes smoothly. In this installment of Stephanie’s journey, we reached out to ShelterPoint's own HR professional for her perspective on Stephanie’s leave...


ShelterPoint & PFL

After Paid Family Leave (PFL) was announced in 2016, ShelterPoint created a dedicated PFL team. Their goal? Ensure a successful transition to the PFL program for everyone involved — from policyholders to claimants to brokers. ShelterPoint is committed to being the timely, accurate resource for all PFL-related questions and information as the legislation continues to unfold. As the industry leader in DBL, ShelterPoint is ready to become the industry leader for PFL as well.


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