Oct. 28, 2019

Get Ready for NY PFL 2020 Rate & Benefit Changes

2020 PFL Employer Checklist

As the New York Paid Family Leave benefit law (PFL) is about to enter year 3 of the 4-year phase-in schedule, it’s time to look ahead to 2020 and the changes that take effect next year.  In this article, find out the 8 things to know and do for a smooth transition. And get our free bonus content: download a handy checklist to help prepare your business for next year!

Jul. 25, 2017

Gear up for PFL with our Employer Checklist

PFL Employer Checklist
July 25, 2017 –  We’re here to help you find concrete steps you can take now to help ensure an easier transition to PFL compliance when the time comes. Even before PFL becomes a reality next year, there are steps you can take today, and through the end of this year, that can help set your...


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