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How To Calculate PFL Benefits in 2018

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January 16, 2018 – Knowing how much time an employee can take with Paid Family Leave can seem tricky.  But now that Paid Family Leave is officially live in New York, employees are trying to figure out just how much...


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New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo signed Paid Family Leave legislation that passed in 2016. This makes New York one of few states (following California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island) to pass Paid Family Leave legislation.  With regulations released by the State of New York, insurance carriers, employers, and brokers all need to gear up and implement PFL capabilities before the phase-in of PFL begins in January 2018.  We’re ready – are you ready?

Come back frequently to stay in the know as we release more details on PFL administration in the next weeks and months to come. Visit our blog for the most current updates.  


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