• Your clients’ current billing cycles will not change, whether they’re annual or quarterly.
  • Our DBL invoices now include PFL as a line item for policyholders who are required to provide (or who have opted in) for this coverage.
    • Your clients may see a prorated premium for their future PFL benefit.
    • Policyholders billed quarterly in arrears will see PFL on their 1st quarter 2018 bill in April.
  • Since PFL coverage began 01/01/2018 for all “Covered Employers” (regardless of when their DBL policy renews), we created the following billing schedule for the introductory year to minimize how many ShelterPoint policyholders receive more than 1 bill in 2018:
    • We will stagger the billing schedule based on renewal/effective dates for DBL/PFL with prorated PFL premiums where applicable. For example, policyholders renewing between May and October with annual bills receive a one-time, prorated PFL-only bill to align them with their annual bill.
    • This allows your clients to get both coverages aligned on their DBL billing anniversary and for their annual reconciliation.


Select a renewal month and see what type of bill your clients can expect.


Policies Renewal Month


Bill Type:

_ _


PFL Billed For:

_ _


PFL Premium Billed:

_ _


*Full months billed are shown above. Policies renewing after the 1st of the month will also be charged for additional PFL days up to the actual renewal date of the DBL/PFL policy.

If there are any changes to this schedule we will update the tool, and note it here.

Special Note:

_ _


Instructions for the paper bill are available for download:
annual  |  quarterly



ShelterPoint policyholders can continue paying their premiums via the same method they’re accustomed to:

  • E-Pay: Our convenient and intuitive online payment tool for your clients includes context-sensitive help and does the math for your clients. We highly recommend this option as it walks your clients through their bill with easy step-by-step instructions.
  • Paper bills: We revised and tested our DBL/PFL bill so the additional PFL calculation should be as seamless as possible.
  • When it comes to head counts, coverage eligibility for DBL and PFL is not the same — Find out more here

What your clients should keep in mind and have handy when paying for their PFL benefit:

Since the PFL rate is set by NY State as a percent of wages, you should have your payroll records at hand and then split your workforce into 2 groups – those above and those below the current annualized NYS Average Weekly Wage (NYS AWW) of $67,907.84.* Then:

  • take the count of the employees (number) who make more than this amount and
  • add up the wages ($amount) of employees who make less than this amount

*Based upon NYSAWW as of March 31, 2017. NY Department of Labor releases the updated NYSAWW every March 31.

ShelterPoint  TOOLS FOR YOU

Use your clients’ payroll records to calculate an annualized cost estimate for PFL. This amount may differ from the actual billed amount. Actual premium may vary depending on data provided at time of bill pay .


ShelterPoint *$67,907.84 is the annualized NYSAWW (NYS Average Weekly wage). The NYSAWW is updated annually and released every March 31st by the NY Department of Labor.

Number of employees with Annual Paid Wages above $67,907.84*

Sum of annual paid wages for employees earning below $67,907.84*


Estimated Annual PFL Premium: _ _



NY Paid Family Leave claims forms as release by the Worker’s Compensation Board are available here for download.

Read more claims details here.

Download visual PFL claims roadmaps for:


ShelterPoint  TOOLS FOR YOU

To get an idea of the potential PFL benefit amount, use our easy 2018 PFL weekly benefit estimator.




Got Questions?

  • We value our broker relationships, as all of our business is sold through the independent broker and agent network. Our sales representatives and assistants are always available to answer any questions at:
  • Need answers directly from a PFL Expert?
    Email us at


As the industry leader and DBL Expert, we are your PFL Expert as well. We look forward to working closely with you to assure a smooth implementation.

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