What does PFL look like for you?

  • Brokers

    What do you need to know to get your clients on board with PFL?Learn the ins and outs of the new statute and soon-to-come regulations.
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  • Employers

    How will this impact your business? As PFL takes effect, you’ll need to know the latest benefit information and regulations so you can ensure you are in compliance with PFL.
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  • Employees

    Planning on expanding your family, need time to care for a sick loved one, or have a family member on qualifying military leave? New PFL coverage will give you paid time off.
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How To Calculate PFL Benefits in 2018

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PFL family
January 16, 2018 – Knowing how much time an employee can take with Paid Family Leave can seem tricky.  But now that Paid Family Leave is officially live in New York, employees are trying to figure out just how much...


More information is coming!

All the currently available Paid Family Leave details are here for you — but there's still much more to come. The state plans to release more information and regulations relating to plan specifics and coverage this summer. Stay in the know.


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