What does Paid Family Leave look like for you?

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    Keep your clients compliant by staying current with the latest PFL news, statutes, and regulations.
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    NY PFL means big changes for your business. Stay compliant with the latest PFL benefit information and regulations.
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    Planning on expanding your family, need time to care for a sick loved one, or have a family member on qualifying military leave? New York's PFL coverage will give you paid time off.

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PFL Made Easy with Infographics

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PFL Infographics

Using infographics to illustrate  insurance concepts that are new to employers, we set out to make paid Family Leave easy to understand and implement. In so doing so, we have been recognized with the first place in …

The Real Faces of PFL

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Real Faces of Paid Family Leave

As we were looking through the photos and reading the captions from our Bonding Photo contest, what really stood out to us was just how thankful so many employees were to have this benefit available to them.  In this article, see how we are celebrating that thankfulness in the spirit of Thanksgiving this week...


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